Fatty liver disease associated with Obesity, T2DM and metabolic syndrome

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease -(NAFLD), which previously thought as “ obesity related fat in the liver- an innocent bystander” now endocrinologists realize this is a significant problem, as liver plays such an important role in regulating body’s blood sugar . Build up of fat in the vital organs makes it harder to control fasting blood glucose, it also causes insulin resistance.

“When you fatty liver diabetes is hard to control” according to Dr.KennethCusi, MD, FACP, FACE, who was my mentor and a great friend at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

Fatty liver is under diagnosed and under treated, and has enormous health consequences as 15% to 25% patients with NASH (Non alcoholicsteohepatitis) will progress to cirrhosis and its complications over next 10 to 20 years. If you have fatty liver, think very seriously and talk to me about options for its management.