Female reproductive health

My mission is to offer quality care to women by providing, treatment and management of endocrine related issues related to reproductive health.

We empower women through educational and emotional support by providing care in an approachable, caring and professional atmosphere.

Services include:

  • Evaluation and management of Hirsutism:
    Hirsutism is chracterized by excess facial hair in women (male like hair growth), this is usually due to underlying endocrine disorder.
  • Evaluation of management of Poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) PCOS is one of the most common endocrinopathies in women, this syndrome is characterized by Hirsutism (male pattern hair growth), irregular periods, infertility, Obesity, glucose intolerance, dyslipidemia, sleep apnea, and depression.
  • Pregnancy and Endocrine problems:
    Plan you pregnancy well, and have evaluation and treatment optimized if you suffer from any of the endocrine problems including:
    1. ○ Obesity
    2. ○ Uncontrolled HTN
    3. ○ Diabetes Mellitus (type 1, type 2 DM, prior history of gestational DM)
    4. ○ Thyroid disease (hyp, or hyperthyroidism, thyroid nodule, thyroid cancer)
    5. ○ Hypercalcemia, hyperparathyroidism, osteoporosis, Vit D defficiency
    6. ○ Pituitary disorders
    7. ○ Adrenal disorders including congenital adrenal hyperplasia

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